Guarantee and Warranty

Thank you for your interest in the water structuring units produced by Natural Action Technologies, Inc. and inventor Clayton M. Nolte.


We distribute a variety of Natural Action Structured Water Units;
from Portable Units, 2 Shower Units, Large and Small Garden Units, Under the Sink Units,
Whole House Units, to Commercial Units.


Our units are sold worldwide through an amazing team.  We have provided this website to support our customers by providing education and information on the units we sell.   If you found this website or our products by way of information received from one of our distributors, we would invite you to place your order with them.


Please be aware that there are a few groups of people selling water structuring units on the internet and in person that are copy-cat, cheap, knockoff versions of the units we manufacture, and do not include the proprietary technology or materials that are in the units we manufacture.  If you are not sure, you can call us to verify the person/business with us.


Check with us or the inventor to ensure the units you are purchasing are manufactured by Natural Action Technologies, Inc.,  if they are not on this list then call the Natural Action Technologies, Inc. main number and verify they are a distributor in good standing. The direct number is 928-567-6466. (the company of  inventor Clayton M. Nolte)


90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee or Your Money Back!

Each Unit is Backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

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