National Heirloom Exposition 2013

This was our first seasonal event for 2013. It was the third annual event by the National Heirloom Expo and it was amazing weather, amazing people and an amazing show of livestock, vegetables, fruits, seeds and exhibitions. We are very proud to be part of this growing awareness of life all around us. There was some very important dialog and education going on about growing in balance. The big topic of the show, and on this planet, was the GMO debate and what to do about it. We participated with our part in educating people about water and the potential we all have and share. We met some people very much into the study and education about the life force of water and all it does.

Sept 10th, day one

DAY ONE: We were very excited about our first National Heirloom Exposition and we finally settled in around 11 am as the people were having phun and staying buzy. As expected, the vendors did a lot of exploring on their own going from booth to booth to check out the "Newest" things on the old tradition of growing healthy and hearty foods, plants, herbs and livestock. We were sharing all day about the structured water units and how many applications it personally had for so many.

Sept 11th, day two

DAY TWO: After the first day of speaking to so many lovely people, we settled in a bit and kinda had a cruzing day and feeling a bit more comfortable. Deidre and myself took turns going out into the Expo and taking a lot of photos and asking a lot of questions... That's what you are supposed to do, right? We also had phun exploring our food options as there was an amazing amout of healthy cuisine. We still had a lot of interest from vendors continuing throughout the day.

Sept 12th, day three

DAY THREE: Another beautiful day with an amazing group of humans. The diversification of people was a refreshing sight. It helped reinforcing "why" we came here in the first place. We have had great feedback from many who asked about structured water and how it could help them. Many more people than we thought already knew about some of the principals of water. Some actually worked already on the miracle of water and the life force we all share. Then we had to close down...

...and beyond

We came away from the Expo with a positive experience of how we exposed the miracle of water to others. We also came away with just how amazing the human condition is and how well we adjust as life challenges us in our evolution. We are proud to have been part of this human event about our sustainability and how well we actually are. It was like sprinkling love all around and waiting to see what grows next...



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