​Waters Of Wellness

We started Waters Of Wellness as part of what we have commited our lives to, supporting wellness... To humans, animals and everything else because we strongly believe


"everything is connected"


The addition of The Structured Water units to our existing Wellness clinic called Place For Peace in Middletown, California has been a wonderful learning experience and we are just excited to share what we are learning on our journey.


We hope you feel free to ask questions ANYTIME and we will answer you or find out the correct answer... This is community, when we learn, you learn...


The scope of use for the Structured Water device is from Feed Lot & Farms, Lawn & Garden, Commercial Irrigation and Pivot Master, human drinking water, human bathing/showering and more...


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Natural Action Technologies

with inventor Clayton Nolte

“My mission is to make Structured Water™ available to every man, woman and child on this planet in my lifetime.”
—Clayton Nolte

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EVERYTHING is connected